“Today was a day that I like to call a hump day. Our morning devotion, given by Nancy Hawk, was a good way to start off the day. She asked all of us the question “is today a day of rest or endurance?” I sat there and chuckled a little, but in my head I was thinking “can we just go back to sleep?”  Yes, we were tired, but it came down to accomplishing the task at hand. After listening to Nancy’s devotion, I kept in mind throughout the day “Endurance.”  This helped me push through. Because of our will to keep pushing through, we got the amazing opportunity to journey to a school that educates over 1200 Honduran kids. Their school was much different than schools in America. We are much more fortunate. I put on a jump rope show, and I witnessed some of the happiest smiles, and I hope everyone else in my group saw them too. Many kids would run up to you and just give you the biggest hug. It made me emotional that a complete stranger would just come up to you and hug you. Being there and interacting with these kids made their day as well as mine. I reflected back to the morning devotion and thought to myself “This is what mattered.”  Having the endurance not to move 25 pound bricks but to make a child’s day and create a moment they would never forget.   The need is immense, but with endurance we can make a difference.”

Today’s blog was written by Hannah Campbell, the daughter of Habitat Wake’s President/CEO Kevin Campbell. She is a 16-year-old student at Grace Christian in Raleigh. The photo shows Hannah jumping rope for the children.