Dre Antono, another Habitat AmeriCorps brings us the rundown on the team’s first work day in Honduras:

“Our first day on the work site was both tiring and fulfilling. We quickly realized that the houses, however small, required some serious hard work!

Ten Habitat homes are currently in construction in the small community of El Rosario. After introductions with the crew at Habitat Honduras, we were given the challenge of the day – move 900 adobe bricks from the drying area to the houses in construction.

Everyone worked hard! Some ventured in the woods to gather pine needles, the secret ingredient for our adobe. Others jumped feet first into our mud pit, helping to mix dirt and water for future bricks. By lunch, we had moved 1000 bricks to the houses and cleared a bunch more to make room for new bricks.

In the afternoon, we visited an orphanage just a few blocks from our hotel. We spent a few hours playing with the children, which some would say was more taxing than the work site – just so much energy to match! Despite the language barrier, I think I can speak for the team when I say that our short time there was a joy.

We look forward to another day…”

(Pictured are Nancy Hawk and Michelle Bailer.)