We are in the Christian season of Lent.  The 40 days prior to Easter.  We think of Lent as a season where we give up something important to us in order to place our focus more intently on God.  In our Christian tradition, Jesus gave up his life to pardon all of our sins.  I have to ask myself what can I sacrifice in my life that others might be able to experience God’s love in their life?

At Habitat, we see this sacrifice all the time, all year around.  People give up their free time to volunteer, people give up their resources to help fund our important work.  And through it all they are able to proclaim that through all of their “loss”, they gain more than they give.

In worship this past Sunday, we sang a song very familiar to my Baptist upbringing, The Wonderful Cross.  These lyrics have stayed with me and provided for a daily meditation since:

“Love so amazing, so divine.  Demands my soul, my life, my all.”  Indeed.