I just wish all of our donors and volunteers could be around to hear the incredible words of heartfelt gratitude that we hear from those we serve.

At Sunday evening’s Holiday Home Tour, we heard from Capt. Dwayne Robinson (U.S. Army) who moved into a Habitat Wake house with his mother  20 years ago when he was 11.  Dwayne was so eloquent in speaking about how much having their own home has meant to his family and how he is now a proud homeowner along with his wife and young family.

On Monday, I had a meeting scheduled with another of our homeowner families on an unspecified matter.  Of course, I had to wonder what the issue was and what might be wrong.  Darrin, a homeowner in our Habitat Court development from 1990, came in at the appointed time carrying a carrot cake and a note just thanking our staff and supporters for the difference Habitat had made in his family’s life.  He did not need to meet with us, he just wanted to make sure that Jane (our CFO) and I were in the office when he brought the gift.  Darrin’s letter concluded, “So we just wanted you to know that the James family is very grateful for the work that you do there at Habitat for Humanity of Wake County.  I don’t know where we would’ve been without this program, nor without the exceptional caliber of staff (that) you employ there.”

On that note, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there, from the homeowners and staff of Habitat Wake!  Your partnership makes all of this possible and we are very grateful!