This past Saturday, I made an early trip out to our Morrisville site to congratulate our newest home buyer, Amy on the completion of her home.  I couldn’t stay for the house dedication that morning because we had five other dedications happening across town in East Raleigh.  Nice problem to have.

Nonetheless, I ended up walking through Amy’s house with her son, DeShawn.  He was very excited about his new home.  I had heard that he had packed up his things a month ago in his anticipation of this move to a new home.  DeShawn had lots of questions for me about the house and then he showed me where he would place his bed and other furniture in his room.

Once finished with his questions, he said to me, “You all did a nice job.” And then he raised his hand up and gave me a high five.

So, I pass along DeShawn’s high five to all of our donors and volunteers.  You all do a great job in making a difference to families throughout Wake County—life changing differences!