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20 Sep , 2012

“You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance.”     Psalm 65:11

In all of my years at Habitat, nearly 25 now, I have always felt blessed to be in such a positive place where people bring their best to share with others.  When it works well, Habitat is a true cycle where those who give, receive through and through.

This morning, I was honored to receive a check from Wells Fargo for $90,000 to support the complete renovation of two more homes in southeast Raleigh’s Long Acres community.  These projects will get underway in October.

This afternoon, we celebrate the dedication of Jean & Carine’s home in Morrisville that is the culmination of our CEO Build 2012 effort.  This is the first of eight house dedications we will celebrate this week.

And this evening, I get a chance to be with our Habitat Advisory Board group that has done so much over the years to support our work.  This group came up with the idea for our Holiday Home Tour fund-raiser, now in its’ 12th year as well as the Home Builders Blitz project that has become a national effort for Habitat for Humanity and has built 66 of our 400 homes in Wake County!

My faith tells me that God has made an abundant provision for us.  Sometimes I feel that abundance and sometimes, I admit, I do not.  Today, I feel it!  Come out and join us when you can!

7 SEPTEMBER 2012 | 1+1=3

7 Sep , 2012

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Matthew 18:20

I was reflecting this morning on Jesus’ words about the power of unity among those gathered toward a common purpose—in God’s name.

In construction it used to be that builders would use substantial dimensional lumber to span between supports.  Roof rafters and floor beams were built using 2×10 lumber (boardsthat are roughly 10” wide).  Now, we use engineered trusses—2×4 lumber—much less substantial but due to the manner in which the 2×4’s are assembled, they achieve strength far beyond the much wider lumber and can span even greater distances than their bulky, but singular counterparts.

I think this 1+1=3 is what Jesus is referring to.  By coming together in common purpose in God’s name, we are able to accomplish things that we could never contemplate accomplishing on our own.

Habitat Wake is planning to impact 83 families with better housing this year.   Alone, this seems impossible.  Together in a unified purpose, it sounds not only possible, but fun, too!  Come out and join us.   Show the true strength of what a community looks like when it unifies, in God’s name, on behalf of those in need!

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