We are blessed in Wake County to have a strong and cooperative group of affordable housing providers across the spectrum of housing need—from those organizations tackling homelessness, to those providing supported houses for individuals with disabilities, to our own work to provide homeownership to families it the 20-60% of Area Median Income (AMI), to those organizations providing homeownership in the 60-80% of AMI range.  With an estimated 25,000 families with a housing need in Wake County, it takes the efforts of many to even begin to make a difference.

Earlier this week, Evan Covington-Chavez and I visited with DHIC, a local provider of affordable rental housing (primarily) and some homeownership opportunities.  While we are proud of the 400+ families that Habitat Wake has served since our beginning in 1985, we are in awe that DHIC is providing over 1600 units of affordable, well-built, and well-maintained rental housing.  DHIC was founded in 1974 and continues to lead the way in the development and management of affordable rental housing, a key component to addressing the overall housing need continuum in Wake County.

Together, we are looking at opportunities where we can collaborate and do some joint development—something that we believe will bring much stronger housing solutions to neighborhoods in Raleigh and throughout Wake County.  Check out the DHIC website at:  www.dhic.org.