Our blogger today is Norma Jones, Habitat Wake homeowner in Cary and participant in Habitat Wake’s Global Village trip to Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras.

Hola  Everyone,

I am Norma,  proud habitat homeowner from Cary. I worked on my home as well as several others in the past but Lord knows now I know what real work is. Brick making is no joke it will and has put a new appreciation  in my eyes for mass producing materials. I was thinking thank God I didn’t have to do this kind o f work on my home or maybe I would not have been able to build it.

I did meet and enjoyed spending  time with the neighbor children that came by our work site.  They helped me learn much more Spanish and I enjoyed helping them with English. This was the best kind of work.

I had forgotten what hard work it is building a home . But I did meet David (aka Dady).  It was love at first sight, he smiled at me and that is all it took to melt my heart. David is 3 years old his father is one of the brick makers and he is so cute and sweet. So I will be going back tomorrow to grow in my relationship with David and continue making some adobe bricks.