At 4 a.m., the sound of firecrackers broke the silence of the city.  By 5:30, our group had assembled several blocks from the main city square and could see the approaching parade and hear the music.  This celebration, called Carrerita de San Juan, is the traditional Easter morning celebration in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras.

The parade continued toward the cathedral.  There were figures of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Saints Peter and John held high on platforms by the marchers moving the figtures to the music.  Right at 6 a.m., the figures danced into the church for the beginning of Easter Sunday Mass.

As it should be, the resurrection of Jesus, was a true celebration in Santa Rosa.  You could feel the sense of victory in the celebration.  I pray that our work this week in Honduras can be a small part of a life-changing event for a family and a victory over the extreme poverty that so many face here.

On Monday, we are off to start making adobe bricks.  2,500 bricks are needed per house and our Honduran team leader told us today that he thought we could make 1,500 bricks this week.  Let’s see how we do….