Today’s blogger is Pam Forsythe from Habitat Wake’s Development Department and our team leader for this trip to serve in Honduras.

After a rainy day yesterday, today was delightfully sunny – albeit a bit hot while working!  I spent the morning making adobe bricks with Jose and was proud that by noon I had made twelve and just about kept up with Jose! While making bricks, Jose and I shared English and Spanish words and phrases; we brushed up on the days of the week and shared details about our lives and families.  Jose has a wife and two children and has two jobs:  making adobe bricks by day and serving as a policeman by night.

After lunch I started back to the worksite when Elin pulled out a deck of cards to share with the neighborhood children.  Would they even know what these were?  Junior, Jonathan, Darwin, and Duncan(?) knew exactly what they were and immediately started a game in a circle on the ground.  They invited Kevin and me to join them.  It took us a while to figure out the rules to “Triente Uno”, similar to “21”.  After about 20 minutes we were experts and had a blast.  It was difficult to keep up but was good practice for counting and adding in Spanish.  Playing cards with these boys made my day!