“It is the unique and remarkable synthesis of partner families, donors, and volunteers that builds homes … and a world of hope for all of us.”

Amy Powell shared these words last night at her going-away after a 13 year tenure as the first employee and executive director of Habitat for Humanity in Chatham County.  Chatham Habitat has done remarkable work in their small, rural county, providing homeownership for over 100 families (over 90 during Amy’s 13 year tenure).  I’ll definitely miss Amy as a colleague, but was so pleased to celebrate with her and Chatham Habitat the great legacy of advocacy for those in need that Amy has provided.

Unique and remarkable.  Habitat is, at its core, a partnership—a working together to fill a need in the community and specifically in the life of a family.  It is a unique way to build homes—with mostly unskilled volunteers and upon the generosity of others.  It is remarkable when you think about it—how many pieces must come together—from the construction, to the family selection, to the funding and financing.

As screenwriter, Randall Wallace has said—it you want to remain complacent and uninspired, stay away from Habitat!