This past Sunday was our 11th annual Holiday Home Tour fund-raiser and the crowd gathered was not only treated to some good food and music, but also to hearing from our current homebuyers in Garner, Michael and Waldrena Robinson and their experience with Habitat Wake.  As we approach Thanksgiving, I find myself grateful and blessed to be a part of an organization that can make such a huge difference in people’s lives in such a simple, but profound way.

Waldrena read a poem that she had written for the occasion.  Perhaps from her words, you can understand how much her new home in Garner means to her and her family.  Enjoy!

Written By: Waldrena Thomas-Robinson
November 2011

In all things I’m reminded to be patient.
However, we all have been in a place to want something so bad you could taste it.
Taste of a better life and all that it brings.Yet you’re blinded by the pouring of rain.

Holding on to the dream to someday receive all God has in store for you and your family.
Just a little glimpse of hope is what I ask of thee.
In an instant a light shined down from heaven and rested on me.
God had been working before I could finish my plea.
Setting in the minds of others on how things would be.
While I was left with my thoughts of heaviness:
Something that once caged me in has now set me free.
Free from worry
Free from Despair
From the feeling “I’ll never get there”
All because of what you’ve given me.
If a price tag could be attached it’ll read:

A gift wrapped for my love ones and I.
A gift of stability
A place to call home
A safe haven that protects us from harm.
Thank you God for Sponsors and Volunteers who have become our friends.
Thank you for this new chapter we are to begin.
A place where you Lord will always abide.
Grateful for you not allowing my dream to die.
My dream of happily ever after not a fantasy but my reality.
How you took a vessel of people filled with love that formed Habitat for Humanity.