The U.S. Census Department reported yesterday that the 2010 poverty rate has risen to 15.1% of the population.  With 2010 U.S. population at 308.4 million this means that over 46.5 million people in the U.S. are living in poverty!  This rate is the highest it has been since 1993.  Just since 2007, the rate has increased by 2.6%.  In this land of great opportunity and resource, I find these numbers horrifying.  Doesn’t it just beg a systemic question of economic justice?

As the economic downturn continues on, we are seeing the impact at Habitat.  More than ever, our work is needed to help families that are seeking suitable, decent places to live and to help build wealth for the future and to rise above the effects that living in poverty brings to all aspects of life.

The families we work alongside in the building of their homes are in a marginal place economically, but their desire for stability for their family makes Habitat a life-changing opportunity for them.

To see the Census Department press release on 2010 poverty statistics, go to: