On September 11, 2001, I remember being in a conference room at the Indianapolis Convention Center for our daily staff briefing for Habitat’s 25th Anniversary Celebration event that had begun the day before.  We had a TV in the room that was showing live video of what we have now come to know, not as accidents, but as aggressive acts of terrorism.

I’m sure you remember where you were that day as well.  Those events dramatically changed our world and our anniversary “celebration,” but what better place to be than reflecting on the unity and love that Habitat embraces so well?  This September 11, ten years later, I’ll be at 515 Parnell Drive in Raleigh celebrating that peace and solidarity with those from the three Abrahamic faiths gathered together to build a home with a family in need.   What better place to be?   I hope you’ll  join us for a special Sunday morning celebration on that important day – visit our website for more information.

That is Habitat’s “theology of the hammer” in practice—as people of faith we may disagree on many different things, but we can all agree on the hammer as an instrument of God’s love providing simple, decent homes for those in need.  I’m looking forward to our upcoming Abraham Build this fall.

As a Christian, I love how Habitat lives out the best of our Christian tradition, by inviting everyone in regardless of faith background to share the love with those in need.  Join us this fall for the Abraham Build in the Long Acres community, where we will be building a house and much more.