My name is Nicole and I am a summer intern with Habitat Wake. I am focusing on advocacy during my time in Raleigh. I have been enjoying myself here and really delving into the issue of advocacy- what does it mean and how can Habitat Wake become a true advocate for their homeowners.

Habitat International is urging affiliates to become more active in education and awareness. Many affiliates are now making advocacy a paramount issue at their offices. I’ve been working closely with other housing organizations in our county to develop a plan of action for Habitat Wake. Advocacy and lobbying are difficult to navigate as a non-profit that receives government funding. Larger Habitat affiliates help by providing great examples of how to be successful in advocacy. Affiliates in cities like New York City and Minneapolis and have really given me greater insight and understanding into the issue.

Currently, I am working on developing fact sheets that help describe the housing situation in Wake County. I truly hope my work will help further educate our community on housing issues.

I will update you soon with more information about my final project and suggestions!