Our work continues on the home in the El Rosario village outside Santa Rosa here in Honduras. Enma and her daughter have been active participants. Her daughter has joined some of our team in games and coloring book activities and Enma has joined in helping to build. Most in the village work at daily subsistence picking up odd jobs here and there. There is not much education after age 12. We visited a school today that is a private non-profit that raises funds by selling loofa products grown and fabricated in the village. Those over 12 can attend this school on the weekends for free.

El Rosario village has a very rural feel (you see oxcarts going down the road) yet it is only a few kilometers from Santa Rosa, a city of about 50,000. Santa Rosa has a colonial feel with cobblestone streets and centuries-old buldings, but is a market for daily necessities. The nearest major city is San Pedro Sula with over 1,000,000 residents, an airport and many modern conveniences that we expect back home.

Today as we continued to mix mortar, Henry, a 13 year old from the village stood by watching. I offered him a shovel and it turns out Henry was a mortar mixing pro!! We learned a lot about technique from him though he is nearly half our size. A humbling experience for us. It was fun to see how proud he was to show his skill.