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23 Feb , 2011

Americorps, the domestic version of Peace Corps, is in the news lately.  It’s in the news because some lawmakers in Washington have proposed eliminating the entire program.  This past weekend the House of Representatives passed a measure eliminating the program as part of a deficit reduction strategy.

This year, Habitat Wake is blessed to host four Americorps members:  Cori, Kate, Joel and Naomi who have chosen to spend a year in service to this community.  They currently serve as site leaders on our construction and deconstruction sites.  I honestly don’t know what we would do without them.  We always have plenty of unskilled, occasional volunteers, but where would that daily site leadership come from?

Visit Habitat International’s home page to learn more.


9 Feb , 2011

I remember driving Habitat’s founder, Millard Fuller, to a meeting with the Rev. Jerry Falwell at Dr. Falwell’s church in Lynchburg, Virginia back in 1995 when I was leading Habitat’s work in that city.

I’ll never forget Millard’s comments as we neared the church.  “I really don’t agree with that guy (Dr. Falwell).  But I guess since I’m the one who coined the term “theology of the hammer”, I should go meet with him.

For Millard, the “theology of the hammer” was at the heart of what Habitat is all about.  “We may disagree on many theological matters, but we can all agree on the hammer as an instrument of God’s love to bring hope to families in need.”

The two men couldn’t have been more different in their political or theological views, but it was fascinating to share the room with them, two men of great faith and with great charisma, totally dedicated to following God’s leading in their lives.  It was such a privilege to witness the theology of the hammer being lived out in that meeting.

Dr. Falwell’s church, Thomas Road Baptist, funded the construction of five Habitat homes in Lynchburg over the ensuing five years, with students at Liberty University providing volunteer labor.

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