The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us and there is certainly much around Habitat Wake for which to be grateful.  We are blessed with many eager and enthusiastic volunteers, hard-working and grateful homebuyers with humbling journeys, a dedicated staff team who see their work as something much greater than just a paycheck, generous donors who loyally invest in this ministry, and cooperative City and County governments that help us navigate the home building regulations and process.  We are truly blessed at Habitat Wake!

Amidst all this for which to be grateful, is it also OK to be impatient? Sometimes, it seems, that being impatient is akin to being ungrateful, which is just not the case, but it is a fine line to walk.

I’m impatient that we can’t serve more families faster.  When you hear the stories that families have had to endure and are humbled by their gratitude and patience, it’s easy to realize that Habitat is a manifestation of hope for them and you have this strong feeling to do more and do it faster.

Thanks to many volunteers and staff leadership from Rick Kelly and Kate Jetton, we’ve hurried to complete Virginia’s house for Christmas and will have a dedication ceremony on December 16.   Virginia has patiently waited through delays due to lack of funding, but now her hope of a stable and decent home will be realized, thanks to all of you.

With nearly 10% of the families in Wake County living below the poverty line and stressed to meet housing expenditures that range up to 50% of their meager incomes, what will hope look like for them this season?